Kyoto – part one

Kyoto-Higashiyama-with-view-of-koyashu-pagodaI think it’s fair to say that most visitors to Japan spend at least a little time in the fascinating city of Kyoto which was Japan’s capital for over a millenium. Kyoto is known as Japan’s most beautiful city and it is easy to see why but as it is hugely spread out and hosts an overwhelming number of shrines and temples (some sites put it at 400, others at 2000!) it can be a little intimidating when you sit down to plan your trip…so hopefully my tips over the next two days on my favourite sights will help in your itinerary building. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Dubai - Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a happy, exciting and prosperous 2015. Currently enjoying some R&R in Dubai (further details in next week’s posts)…I’m hoping to discover some new and exciting places in 2015, return to some old favourites as well as ensure that I spend some time appreciated the wealth of adventures (culinary and otherwise) that my home town (London) has to offer.