Casa Oaxaca El Restaurante


The modern Mexican restaurant connected to our first hotel in Oaxaca (see more details here) – Casa Oaxaca El Restaurante – is widely known as the best place to eat in Oaxaca (it’s currently number 34 on the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurant’s list).

I started with the chile de agua stuffed with ceviche and served with a sweet and sour passion fruit sauce.  I love the use of all the local tropical fruits on this menu and the passionfruit sauce was definitely the stand out element of this dish (the fish itself was sadly lacking in flavour).


The boy had the fish tostada with avocado and chile sauce (photo up top) – there were some really good textures in this dish, but once again we felt the fish was slightly lacking in flavour.

For my main I had the grilled octopus. Just a small portion…


Unlike our starters my fish main was really flavoursome and they had cooked the octopus to perfection – crunchy and a little bit singed on the outside but soft (rather than chewy) on the inside.  I almost managed to finish it…but held back to save myself for dessert…

Casa-Oaxaca---chocolate-mousseMexico chocolate, in all forms, just doesn’t seem to disappoint…ever.  This mousse was light and fluffy but with a serious depth of flavour – combined with a passionfruit margarita it was the perfect end to the day.

Of the restaurants we sampled in Oaxaca, Casa Oaxaca El Restaurante definitely stood out but I wouldn’t say it compared to either of the fine-dining restaurants we tried in Mexico City (here and here).

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