Just an hour or so outside of the centre of Tokyo, Kamakura is the perfect day trip for a change of scenery from the hustle, bustle and bright lights of Japan’s capital city.

Kamakura itself is quite big and the sights are quite spread out, but there are various bus networks that cover the area.  One of the main draws, however, is not the perfectly timed and placed public transport (oh, how I miss Japanese efficiency) but the wealth of hiking that’s on offer. With enticing leafy paths,


and views out over the sea


The lush green countryside almost cries out to be frolicked in.

Despite the wealth of temples and shrines in the area, our focus was wandering the leafy trails and so we only made it to one.  The must-see sight – in my humble opinion – the Great Buddha.


Supposedly built back in 1252, this Daibutsu is the second largest in Japan (at 13.35 metres high).  And as it is set out in the open air among the beautiful countryside I think I actually preferred it to Japan’s biggest buddha in Nara.

Well worth a visit.


As it was early Autumn when we went it was still pretty toasty and so we cooled ourselves down with the local speciality – sweet potato soft ice-cream. I can imagine what you are thinking, but honestly this light purple soft serve (yes purple…if only I’d been concentrating more on the photos than the eating!) was a seriously refreshing and tasty way to cool down – sweet but not too sweet. And you can almost convince yourself that it counts towards your five a day!

If you’re looking for some fresh air and beautiful surroundings, I would definitely recommend a day trip to Kamakura to blow away the cobwebs and bring about a sense of calm.

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