San Francisco sightseeing – day two

Sightseeing in San Francisco - view of Alcatraz IslandHaving packed in so much the day before, we decided to take our second day of sightseeing in San Francisco at a slightly slower pace.  First taking advantage of the central location of our hotel to pop into a few shops and then riding the cable car over the hill to Fisherman’s Wharf.  

Sightseeing in San Francisco - cable carAlthough touristy, the cable car, which stops at various classic sights such as Lombard Street, is a unique way to see the city.  

Sightseeing in San Francisco - Lombard StreetTo add to the experience, the cable car drivers were particular characters who brightened up our day even further.

Everyone I had spoken to prior to our trip said that visiting Alcatraz Island was a must while sightseeing in San Francisco, so after lunch we boarded the boat to the former federal penitentiary.  The queues were pretty long despite it being mid-week and outside the school holidays so booking in advance is a must for this attraction.  

Entrance-to-AlcatrazNot normally one for an audio tour, I decided to give the one at Alcatraz a chance given that it has won numerous awards.  It was definitely among the better of the audio tours I have listened to – I enjoyed the first-hand accounts and stories given by former prisoners and guards, however given my propensity for taking things at a somewhat speedy pace I found it hard to relinquish control of my route and pace around the prison to an electronic device.  

I wish I had more time to soak up the view of the city but after a relaxed morning, we didn’t have as much time as we thought!

View-of-San-Francisco-from-AlcatrazNor did we have time to fully explore the beautiful gardens that surround the main prison buildings.

AlcatrazAnd even though I didn’t feel like we’d had enough time to really take in Alcatraz, it definitely provided food for thought as we sat on the F-Line street car back towards our hotel from the right side of the water…

Sightseeing in San Francisco - F-lineSan Francisco is one of those cities I love – there are so many different areas, all of which seem to hold something unique and have a different atmosphere.  We didn’t even make it to the Haights, Hayes Valley or Japantown, to name a few, so I guess San Francisco will just have to go onto my ever-growing list of places to return to!

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