And we’re off!


As soon as I decided to move jobs, I knew I had to use the opportunity to indulge my passion for travel.  I couldn’t pass up the chance to escape the tail end of the UK winter to explore and eat my way around a country or two, before settling back in to day-to-day life in London.

I started planning our escape as soon as possible and although there are endless places on my bucket list, a couple stood out as perfect for slotting into the four week window – the US and Mexico.  I consider myself relatively well travelled but both of these areas are black spots on my travel map (having only been to New York and Miami in the US and never having been anywhere in Central America).

So with bags packed, route meticulously planned and restaurant reservations made, off we went! I couldn’t have been more excited to hit the sun, sights and specialities of California, Las Vegas and Mexico.

I also decided to use the space between my occupations to finally stop procrastinating and actually start to write about my travels as, anyone I spend a lot of time with will tell you, I’ve been saying I was going to do for ages! So here we go…hopefully the tales, photos and reviews will prove interesting and enjoyable (or at least not too cringe-worthy!)

Next stop, San Francisco.

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