Wonderful Oaxaca


Another lovely colonial town, Oaxaca boasts beautiful buildings and a thriving art scene.  

I blame the London restaurant’s incorrect spelling for the fact I pronounced Oaxaca wrong for an embarrassingly long time.  Luckily I discovered it is actually pronounced ‘Wahaca’ (as per the restaurant name, not as the correct spelling looks) before I crossed the Mexican border  – Oaxacans are (rightly) proud of their beautiful city so it would have caused some serious rouge-cheeks had I not been corrected!

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Picturesque Puebla


The next stop on our mini tour of Mexico was the lovely colonial city of Puebla.  Set in a valley and surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, the bus journey from Mexico was almost as stunning as the UNESCO world heritage city centre.  And, as the city centre is quite small you can easily get a real sense of it in just a day or two. 

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Mexico City – the ultimate underrated cultural city?


The capital city of Mexico was definitely the hidden gem of our trip. I’m not sure why, but in my head our time in Mexico City was a bit of a stop-gap on the way to more interesting places. Instead, I ended up loving the vibrant atmosphere, delicious food and drink and the wealth of culture on offer and wasn’t ready to leave!

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Popping corks in Champagne

ChampagneAs it’s a no-travel week, I’m going to take advantage of the idea of Throwback Thursdays and allow myself to day-dream of where I was this time last year…Champagne.  Given it’s by far and away my favourite tipple, I can’t quite believe that it took me almost ten years of legally being able to drink the bubbly stuff to make the hop, skip and jump over the Channel to the Champagne region.  Just a two hour drive or so from Calais, it’s the perfect distance for a long weekend.

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