Staycationing in Cornwall


After all the big trips earlier this year, the summer has, for me, been more focused on the staycation.  I’ve been going on holiday to the north coast of Cornwall ever since I can remember and in this age of easy air travel I definitely need to remind myself that sometimes the best places are just on your doorstep (or a five hour car ride away)… well, when there’s sun!

Having been to this particular stretch of the coast so many times, weekends spent here are a real escape.  But even though I feel like I know every windy road, shop and beach around Rock, Polzeath and St Minver, I still never tire of the views…and when the sun comes out, I genuinely think this may be one of the most beautiful areas of the UK (and dare I say it beyond!)

Cornwall-cliff-walkWhen we were younger our holidays here were all about the activities – surfing, waterskiing, swimming, tennis – but now I find I’m so content just to enjoy the slower pace of life and stunning scenery that Cornwall has to offer.

We always make sure to have a little beach-time on Daymer Bay.

Cornwall-Daymer-Bay-panoramaMore often than not, it’s not hot enough to sit for long on the beach (though, being terribly British, we always sit and shiver for the obligatory twenty minutes or so) but it’s a great starting point for some wonderful walks.

One of my favourites is the wander through the dunes and the golf course to St Enedoc church – a tiny little church that was actually buried beneath the sand dunes for centuries – which boasts a wonderful view down the coastline.

Cornwall-view-from-St-EnedocOr, if your lungs are feeling healthy, the short, sharp walk up Brea Hill.  You might be panting, but it is absolutely worth it for the panoramic views over Rock beach, Daymer Bay and across the estuary.

Cornwall-view-from-Bray-Hill(2)We also took our traditional trip across the estuary to Padstow.

Cornwall-padstowPadstow has changed a lot since I was younger – it is now a real foodie destination and is a lot smarter – but still retains the charm that I remember from when I was little.

And the final, but by no means least important, part of spending time in Cornwall – the seafood.  Fresh, fresh fish and shellfish is the order of the day.

Cornwall-lobsterI didn’t have a chance to book into any of the Michelin star venues which have been popping up in recent years this time round, but when you can pick up fresh lobster to eat at home with a healthy dollop of mayonnaise and a fresh salad, I’m almost tempted to say you don’t need to!

Weekends in an area which feels so like home are such a treat but I also can’t wait to explore more of the Cornish coastline. I just hope that I’m as lucky with the weather as I have been over the past couple of years…

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