SaisonHaving been the year before, the boy couldn’t wait to go back to Saison so we booked as soon as we decided to head to the West Coast.  Given his high praise, I couldn’t wait to taste the delights of this two Michelin star establishment.  

Like many restaurants in Nothern California, Saison is famed for its seasonal approach and use of the best, fresh ingredients.  We opted for the chef’s tasting menu with wine pairing.

The stand-out courses for me were the sea-bream (delicately infused with cherry blossom),

Saison-sakura-sea-breamand the divine pigeon (paired with smoky morel mushrooms stuffed with with duck liver and juniper). 

Saison-pigeonAnd the bread, oh the bread (always one of the most important parts of a meal for me) was fresh, warm, fluffy bread of the milk variety – my own personal heaven.

Saison-bread-(KD)While the beginning of the meal felt a little rushed (especially as we got a glass of wine with each dish) and the boy was slightly disappointed with the generosity of the sommelier, the service was generally impeccable (and for me the wine servings were more than enough and might have meant a dish or two slightly slipped my memory until I looked at our photos the next day!) 

It was especially brilliant to have a table which could only be described as a front row seat – the kitchen is completely open plan so from our table we could see the delicious food being created which added to the experience.

Saison-walnut-souffle-tokajiDefinitely one to try and get a reservation at if you’re stopping in San Francisco!

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