A loooong road trip to Las Vegas

Road trip to Las Vegas - Death-Valley

So it turns out that Angel’s Camp to Las Vegas (especially at the end of winter, when lots of the passes are closed) is a long old road…around ten or eleven hours to be precise! Our road trip to Las Vegas took us round the top of Yosemite via Lake Topaz, Mono Lake, past Mammoth Mountain and through Death Valley.  Rather than recount every twist and turn, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.  

Our day started with this incredible view of Lake TopazRoad trip to Las Vegas - View-of-Lakeand plenty of snowcapped peaks.
Road trip to Las Vegas - View-of-snowcapped-peaksAs we descended we were met with a picture-perfect panorama of Mono Lake…Road trip to Las Vegas - Mono-Lake-panoramafollowed by a closer look at its salt-encrusted shores.Road trip to Las Vegas - Shores-of-Mono-LakeAnd as we hit Death Valley the landscape continued to change…from cactus-filled scrub land,

Road trip to Las Vegas - View-of-desert-scrub-joshua-treesto sand dunes…Road trip to Las Vegas - Death-Valley-sand-dunesto amazing rock formations,
Road trip to Las Vegas - Desert-roadthat just seemed to change endlessly turn after turn.Road trip to Las Vegas - Death-ValleyI particularly loved the contrasting colours of the rock (very snappable!)
Road trip to Las Vegas - Death-Valley-rock-formationsAnd we hit the edge of Las Vegas towards sunset, with the early evening light lending another dimension to the landscape.Road trip to Las Vegas - Dusk-light-in-Death-ValleyWhile the scenery was mind-blowing the drive, even with my best 90s playlist, was a bit much for one day.  I find I often struggle with the balance of trying to use the precious travelling time I have wisely, packing lots in, and making sure I don’t fill an itinerary so full that there’s no time to deviate or stop and smell the roses – does anyone else find this? In particular, I wish that we’d had a bit more time in Death Valley to explore the Badwater salt flats, the Mesquite Flat sand dunes, Titus Canyon and the Joshua Trees…another to add to the list of places to return to then.

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