A Jordanian road trip


Although you can fly from one end of Jordan to another, there are so many phenomenal sights packed into this tiny country that I couldn’t recommend a leisurely road trip more.  There are three roads in Jordan, the slowest of which – the King’s Highway – is by far the most spectacular. 

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A loooong road trip to Las Vegas

Road trip to Las Vegas - Death-Valley

So it turns out that Angel’s Camp to Las Vegas (especially at the end of winter, when lots of the passes are closed) is a long old road…around ten or eleven hours to be precise! Our road trip to Las Vegas took us round the top of Yosemite via Lake Topaz, Mono Lake, past Mammoth Mountain and through Death Valley.  Rather than recount every twist and turn, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.  

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Cruising the California coastline – Carmel and Big Sur

California coastline. Big Sur 4.

Determined to pack in as much as possible on our trip, we planned to start our trip on the California coastline.  I met the boy straight off the plane and we drove down to Carmel.  The drive from San Francisco to Carmel wasn’t in itself particularly scenic (the dramatic coastline was on hold until the next day) but in no time at all (or so it seemed to me given I promptly fell asleep…) we arrived in the picturesque sea-side town of Carmel.  

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