Spring – a review

Spring-A couple of weeks ago I finally got my act together and made it to Spring, Skye Gyngell’s (not so new) restaurant. I’m a bit late to the game with this one as Spring, located in the beautiful Somerset House, opened autumn of last year and due in part to its beautiful aesthetic and even more to its delicious food was quickly a regular feature on instagram. But better late than never…

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Lima and Lima Floral – a double review

Lima - pulpoLast year the boy and I had a really inventive and delicious meal at Lima Fitzrova so when they opened their second, more casual, outpost Lima Floral I was really excited to try it.  Last week I finally managed to sample Lima Floral and so thought it would be a good opportunity to cover both at once and compare the two – apologies in advance for the poor quality photographs (the lighting wasn’t so phone camera photo friendly) .

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Feasting at Fera – a review


After reading a few reviews I was really excited to try Fera – Simon Rogan’s London venture within Claridge’s.  As you might expect, the restaurant’s name (which means wild in Latin) is a reflection of the concept – Fera uses a lot of high quality, natural, seasonal ingredients. The abundance of vegetables and edible flowers weaved through the menu meant it took some persuading to get the boy there but a couple of weekends ago we settled in for a Friday night tasting menu.

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Typing Room – a review


There seem to be new restaurants popping up in East London all the time and so it’s easy to find yourself a bit behind the curve.  Bethnal Green’s newest culinary edition, Typing Room, pretty early opened back in May and I’ve been keen to try it ever since…not least because head chef, Lee Westcott’s instagram feed is unbelievably mouth-watering.

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Sushi Tetsu – a review


I’ll admit, I was a pre-packaged sushi regular before I moved to Japan.  But during my time there I learned to appreciate the art of real sushi, the taste of fresh, seasonal fish and expertly cooked, vinegared rice.  I came to recognise the tradition and respect that goes along with a sushi meal – something that is not reflected in today’s fast-sushi culture.  There is, however, one haven in London where you can have fantastic, fresh sushi in a traditional set up – Sushi Tetsu.

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The Clove Club – a review

Clove-Club2Seeing as I’m yet to be let down by any of the restaurants/pop-ups run by the Young Turks, The Clove Club has been on my list since it opened in Spring 2013.  The focus of the tasting menu is on seasonal, British ingredients and innovative flavour combinations. Their approach resulted, overall, in a really delicious meal and I would definitely return.

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The Ledbury – a review


After my first visit to the Ledbury I became a firm fan and even though I’ve now returned number of times, I am always excited to go back.  The menu tends to repeat a number of signature dishes (all of which I am more than happy to eat time and again) but also serves up some new and exciting combinations of flavours.

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Lyle’s restaurant, Shoreditch, London – a review


I love the food at Upstairs @ The Ten Bells so when I heard that the Young Turks had set up another restaurant nearby, Lyle’s, I was really keen to try it.  As there is only one set menu on offer at Lyle’s you are ensured the best of the season’s fresh ingredients, and I was so grateful to them for being so accommodating of my dietary requirements and serving up some really delicious alternatives that were still in keeping with the general spirit of the menu.  

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